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Why does Will Robinson matter? Because he claims to be an environmentalist, and yet he voted for things like prohibiting local plastic straw or sunblock bans and spending billions of taxpayer dollars on massive development in the Florida interior. He voted for making it all but impossible for citizens to get initiatives on the ballot, and he voted to reduce corporate income taxes. He voted to use public lands as mitigation banks to ease the way for greedy developers. He matters because his donor list includes Mosaic, the single most rapacious destroyer of Florida ag lands and native habitat, producer of millions of pounds of EPA-listed toxic waste, which gets diluted and disposed into the aquifer and into surface waters that people drink. His donor list includes developers and builders. He takes money from Big Sugar, Big Tobacco, oil and gas … If he is going to present himself as an environmental candidate, he has some heavy lifting to do.

He is also an avid member of the Cult of Trump, which includes Governor DeSantis, U.S. Senator Scott, and by extension, Will Robinson. The collective response by this group to the outbreak of a lethal pandemic has resulted in the preventable deaths of tens of thousands nationwide, and thousands of Floridians. And, with a virus pool now in the millions, we are going to be facing this problem with no leadership, or worse, the politicizing of a pandemic, for years to come. We must ask ourselves: why would anyone vote for a party that literally doesn't care whether we live or die?

During his single, two-year term in the Florida House of Representatives, Will Robinson voted …

  • For HB7043/SB6, which calls for the FDEP to take over authority over the dredging and filling of wetlands from the Army Corps or Engineers. Why is this important? Because FDEP has neither the staff nor budget to implement this directive in any meaningful way. Furthermore, they are required by law to approve or deny permits within sixty days. And they never deny. Robinson's developer donors have pushed for this, and they love it. It will accelerate the pace of habitat destruction and aquifer over-use, road building and traffic throughout the state.
  • To preempt local bans against single-use plastics and sunblock toxic to coral reefs. I thought you guys were all about home rule!
  • To reduce the corporate tax rate. I oppose corporate welfare, corporate socialism. After the wealthy and powerful take their disproportionate returns from tax cuts, there is inevitably a budget shortfall, which must be made up by a bond—aka debt—which must be paid back by all taxpayers. And, when there is a budget shortfall, guess what must be cut? Education. Environmental enforcement. Science and research.
  • To drastically increase the number of signatures required to get a citizen initiative, like an amendment, on the ballot. It was already incredibly difficult.
  • To use public lands as mitigation banks to offset damage to ecosystems on properties being developed by his developer donors.
  • For the Roads to Nowhere. These three highways have not been studied, no need has been ascertained, and about all that will come from them is astounding wealth for his developer donors as the roads open up otherwise hard-to-access lands for development.


The Sierra Club gave Will Robinson a score of seven thumbs down out of seven. They have endorsed me for House District 71.

The Democratic Environmental Caucus was somewhat more generous than the Sierra Club, giving Robinson three points for yes votes on septic and wastewater collection, beach restoration, and the Everglades reservoir. But, because of many other votes, he still scored a D. 

Progress Florida, which grades state legislators based on their votes on issues that matter to Floridians, gave him an “F” in their People First Report Card (just 43% of his votes were actually good for the people of Florida.)

And, he failed the 2018 VoteSmart Political Courage Test, which measures candidates’ willingness to answer the voters’ questions, because he “failed to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2018 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from VoteSmart and voters.” VoteSmart is a nonpartisan vote-tracking organization.

However, he gets a whopping 96% from Americans For Prosperity, the Koch Brothers-funded think tank. The Kochs are behind much of the erosion of environmental protections, and a host of other anti-democratic policies.


Paid for Andy Mele, Democrat For Florida State Representative District 71
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