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I'm Andy Mele.  Welcome to my campaign website!  Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn more about me, and why I am running.

The issue details are in another section.  But the big picture is this:   As an environmental activist with Suncoast Waterkeeper, first as the Waterkeeper, later as Executive Director, I watched as the Florida Legislature responded to crisis after crisis--overdevelopment, springs degradation, the worst red tide in history, declining water quality--with nothing, or weak tea at best.  

And when I heard that Will Robinson was going to be running in 2020 without a challenger, I realized that it was time to step up.  And here I am.

Why does Will Robinson matter?  Because he claims to be an environmentalist, and yet he voted for things like prohibiting local plastic straw or sunblock bans and spending billions of taxpayer dollars on massive development in the Florida interior.  He voted for making it all but impossible for citizens to get initiatives on the ballot, and he voted to reduce corporate income taxes.  He voted to use public lands as mitigation banks to ease the way for greedy developers.  He matters because his donor list includes Mosaic, the single most rapacious destroyer of Florida ag lands and native habitat, producer of millions of pounds of EPA-listed toxic waste, which gets diluted and disposed into the aquifer and into surface waters that people drink.  His donor list includes developers and builders.  He takes money from Big Sugar, Big Tobacco, oil and gas..... If he is going to present himself as an environmental candidate, he has some heavy lifting to do.  

He is also an avid member of the Cult of Trump, which includes Governor Desantis, U.S. Senator Scott, and by extension, Will Robinson.  The collective response by this group to the outbreak of a lethal pandemic has resulted in the deaths of many thousands nationwide, and thousands of Floridians.  Most of those deaths were totally preventable.  And with a virus pool now in the tens of millions, we are going to be facing this problem with no leadership, or worse, the politicizing of a pandemic, for years to come.  We must ask ourselves: why would anyone vote for a party that literally doesn't care whether we live or die?

 The Florida Legislature is dominated by the Republican party--which is just a Cult of Trump.  It is a body of radical, extremist conservatives who stand, nationwide, for gutting environmental protections, so-called tax cuts, which build debt to funnel money to the very wealthy, and leave it to the rest of us to pay back, and a president who is gaming the office for his personal gain, surrounding himself with criminals.  A party that ignored the pandemic until it had burrowed its way into our population, and then turned it into a political football.  That's the party of Will Robinson, your current incumbent.  Had enough?

I have a plan for Covid-19, and I have a plan to cure the state's sick waters.  I have a plan for economic recovery, and for unemployment.  It is time to take back the Florida Legislature, so the extremist conservative rampage against the people can finally be halted--in Florida, at least.

Learn more about me at the Meet Andy page.


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